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Discount Perfume? How To Get The Best Deals...

perfume discount - cologne, fragrancesDiscount perfume is often sold during holiday season. If you try shopping for new fragrance during the holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it is possible that you will get your bottle with a freebie – it could be a smaller bottle of perfume or a bottle of lotion or shower gel. If you want to stick to your budget, it is a lot better to wait for the sale season. 

If you are thinking of buying discount perfume for yourself or your loved ones, choose the ones that are not too expensive but are of good quality – meaning it smells good and fits your or your loved one's personality. Sometimes, you also have to match a certain smell with a type of personality. You cannot give perfume with a very strong scent to your friend who has a very subtle personality and is not into that kind of scent. You can try getting him or her discount cologne first so you can test if it's good for your friend.

When shopping for perfume, make sure you ask for assistance when opening the perfume boxes. Test or smell the discount fragrance that you are eyeing so you don't waste your money with your purchase. 

History Of Perfume, Cologne, And Fragrances

Perfume is an accessory that some people consider as a need. Some people see perfume as a luxury because of the high prices on the more popular brands.

It is not known to many that the use of perfume can be traced back to the ancient times. The word 'perfume' came from the Latin word 'per fumus' which means 'through smoke'. It was the early Egyptians that started the art of making perfumes called perfumery. It was used as part of religious ceremonies and even in love-making preparations. Plants like rose and peppermint were used and the perfume was rubbed into the skin. The art was further developed by the Romans and Arabs. The first few perfumes were made from fragrance oils. This technique is still being used today.

What Are Perfume, Fragrances, and Cologne Made Out Of?

Perfume is made from alcohol and oils. It is the most expensive type of fragrance because of the amount of essential oils in it. EDP or Eau de Parfum has about 15-22% essential oils. Eau de Toilette or EDT has 8-15% essential oils. The weaker type of fragrance is called Eau de Cologne which has only 4% oils. An example of one of the most popular colognes is Abercrombie and Fitch, Fierce. The most subtle type of fragrance is called Eau Fraiche which only contains 1-3% essential oils. It has a very light dilution of fragrance.

There are about six categories of fragrance
  1. Oriental
  2. Floral
  3. Floriental
  4. Green Marine
  5. Chypre
  6. Fruit.
These are samples of plants that are typically used in making of perfumes – 

bay leaf, cedar wood, eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender, lily, magnolia, pine, vanilla, etc.